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Omar Yao Youjun: regret did not give the company named Obama

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13 years ago, Kelon Electric watched Cai Cai Er, Yao Youjun and other veterans to leave, perhaps did not expect for their own training a terrible competitor, 2013, Omar refrigerator sales of 5.7 million units, total sales among the top four industry, and the original ODM-based Omar Electric, began to own brands to fight the domestic market.

Why do you want to turn to the domestic market? Omar Electric how to find a balance between quality and cost? In the policy of a full exit, consumption ahead of overdraft, weak home appliance market, Omar Electric will go from here? June 18 newspaper Reporter interviewed Guangdong Uma Electric Co., Ltd. Vice President Yao Youjun.

43-year-old Yao Youjun look, talk about funny humor. "We started to do the refrigerator industry, Audi and BMW, so called Omar, now in retrospect, we regret not to name the company called Obama." Yao Youjun side to the weekly newspaper reporter explained Omar refrigerator name, while laughing stand up.

Never take the technical risk

Times Weekly: Kelon Electric is China's largest refrigeration appliance business group, why had to leave Kelon, the establishment of Omar?

Yao Youjun: the end of 2001 Gu Chujun acquisition of Cologne, in 2002 he began a high-profile reform, first, he believes that our management team has no international perspective, so please a lot of returnees, MBA management Kelon, second, he likes capital Operation, but we believe that a manufacturing enterprise, there is no industry to rely on, but there is a great risk of playing capital operation. And Gu Chujun the capital operation as the main business, due to the concept of different, we have a large number of management left Kelon.

Our chairman Cai Cai Er is the original vice president of Kelon Group, our general manager Wang Jiyun, Kelon refrigerator business is the original general manager, I am responsible for Kelon export and sales business, there are a large number of manufacturing, Technology, research and development are left Kelon, founded the Omar.

Times Weekly: business is not easy, you still remember Omar signed the first foreign brand which is it?

Yao Youjun: start the first we are to Hisense, TCL, the United States foundry, they understand our team, so also trust us, but soon found that close to the number of these businesses can not meet our production capacity.

At this time foreign refrigerators production capacity to China, the international well-known enterprises on the Chinese refrigerator ODM strong demand, but suffer from finding a suitable foundry. We also began to contact with foreign brands, the first win is Whirlpool, Whirlpool is the world's largest electrical manufacturers, after one after another for the Electrolux, Yi Dai Xi, France and other international brands to do OEM.

Omar refrigerator exports in 2013 to 3.48 million units, of which exports to the EU 2.55 million units, from 2009 onwards, Omar for five consecutive years to become the first Chinese refrigerator exports, accounting for 13.6% of China's refrigerator exports.

Times Weekly: What is the most difficult to do ODM?

Yao Youjun: quality, the first is certainly the quality, if the quality can not meet the standard, your price is low and no use, we then let customers see our quality, we put them directly to the production site, let them see us Of the production line, to see a variety of details, but also find a third party to do a lot of certification; the second is the price, the third is the supply capacity.

Times Weekly: quality is indeed very important, I bought a capacitive refrigerator, is the LCD control panel, but with more than a year on the bad, repair repair is not good, they suggested that I change the refrigerator door, but the door and Very expensive

Yao Youjun: Certainly, in the Chinese refrigerator industry, there are two technologies is the enterprise has been groping, one is the air-cooled technology, one is the electronic control technology, research for many years, until 2010 after the two technologies are more mature, You should be bought before 2010, electronic control technology and IT industry is related to the IT industry parts and software applications to the refrigerator industry, the performance of the LCD screen, touch, temperature tube, connected to the sensor, which Are not good at the refrigerator industry.

Omar is the beginning of 2013 to do LCD touch panel refrigerator, we do not preempt, and never take any technical risks, we must wait for technical stability, mature and then do.

Future refrigerator market growth rate of 5%

Times Weekly: As a refrigerator export king, Omar why do their own brand, transition to the domestic market?

Yao Youjun: pure foundry there will be risks, such as foreign exchange rates, freight rates, raw materials and labor, for the manufacturing enterprises, these four elements are at risk, such as the exchange rate changes, the appreciation of the renminbi, our profits Will be reduced; such as freight, before the 2008 financial crisis, freight has been up again, and is soaring, and later shipping freight has come down, the two years was relatively stable.

Triangle is the most solid shape, so we are now overseas ODM, domestic OEM and its own brand three-pronged approach to common development.

Times Week: In the first four months of this year, China's key city refrigerator sales scale of 691.2 million units, an increase of only 0.03%, coupled with the real estate market downturn, many experts believe that the refrigerator market may be low growth, or even negative growth, how do you Looking at the future of the refrigerator industry market prospects?

Yao Youjun: I am very optimistic about the refrigerator is the market prospects, first, in Europe and the United States and other mature markets, the replacement of the refrigerator a lot of demand, such as the door, and more open the door, 500 liters of large capacity refrigerator; second, Africa, South America And other emerging markets, the first purchase of a large demand, their loyalty to the brand is not high, prefer the cost-effective refrigerator; third, the domestic market, the rural areas of the refrigerator has a lot of space, with the Urbanization process, there will be a lot of new demand for the refrigerator, the other city market alternative demand is also very strong, such as multi-door or health refrigerator.

So I think the future growth rate of the refrigerator market, should be maintained at about 5% per year.

Times Weekly: Although the market is not enough time, Omaha a quarterly show that the company achieved operating income of 956 million yuan, an increase of 16.5%, Omar is how to control costs and improve gross margin?

Yao Youjun: Omar only twenty-eight principle of the product, do the refrigerator 100 models in the largest 20 models, the 20 models we have through modular, serialized, universal "three" principle to control the cost. Such as keeping the width and depth of the refrigerator unchanged, only to allow the transformation of height and appearance, so that a set of molds can produce different types of refrigerators, because the mold is very expensive, a common refrigerator a set of mold to 500 million -1000 million yuan, On the door refrigerator mold put up to tens of millions.

So we calculated that our refrigerator production of 6 million units, the average cost of each refrigerator down only 10 yuan, but other manufacturers cost to each 40-50 yuan.

In the production line, loading and unloading mode takes a long time, at least 2 hours, the simplification of the mold is equivalent to saving a lot of production time.

In addition, the refrigerator parts and the height of the relationship is not large, such as drawers, roof, fruit and vegetable boxes, handles, factories only need to buy a large number of models, individual parts procurement volume than other enterprises, the unit price decreases, The

Times Weekly: In addition to Haier, Rong Sheng, the United States and Meiling this semi-domestically occupied half of the refrigerator market, China has a large number of refrigerator business, Omar's competitors will not take the same approach?

Yao Youjun: But this is difficult to learn, because large manufacturers do not want to sacrifice the diversity of the brand, because the needs of consumers is varied, but some models have spent a lot of cost, but very small , So high-level to make a choice, not sacrifice the cost is to sacrifice the market.

Small business is also very difficult to learn, because the refrigerator looks very simple, but its refrigeration system is not easy, the need for compressors, evaporators and condenser with this and air conditioning is different from the air conditioning industry, compressors and so can be standardized , But not the refrigerator, the refrigerator condenser, evaporator and so on with different models, do a substantial adjustment.

The young market is the key

Times Weekly: Omar began to do their own brand, there is no encounter customer resistance, how to avoid the same industry competition?

Yao Youjun: no, because our products from the appearance, channels, market positioning is different, our products are entirely in accordance with EU standards, but the channels and those international brands are completely different.

Times Weekly: Omar in the channel expansion of what plans?

Yao Youjun: our own brand "I m cool" series of refrigerators, and is defined as the first refrigerator for young people, so the preferred is the electricity business channels, electricity providers, we are the first Jingdong refrigerator sales, the current Omar Has entered the Suning Tesco, Taobao, Jingdong, easy Xun, Kuba, Alibaba, Gome, No. 1 shop eight core business platform, in 2010 Omar in the electricity business channel shipments over 50 million units.

Second, we in a comprehensive chain of supermarkets, refrigerator sales in more than 30%, and even more than many well-known brands, because the super-channel in the appliance market accounted for a small, not the importance of large appliances, so instead gave us the opportunity.

In addition, we also entered the country and Suning part of the store, but not all out, because we have to calculate whether the single store sales to support this cost. At present, we also signed a three-year agreement with Suning three million, 2014 to 2016, each year 1 million, is the full line of strategic cooperation, to supplement their product line, in Suning stores in Guangdong, we have been discharged to the top two name.

For different channels, we will provide different products, such as electricity consumers are mainly young people, we provide cost-effective refrigerator, but also for young people to do some warmth, personalized design; traditional channels generally To meet the needs of the family, we will provide some of the big refrigerator on the door.

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