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The first quarter of the global flat-panel TV shipments grew stronger than expected

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Recently, foreign media quoted market research firm IHS Technology report said that the first quarter of this year, global flat-panel TV shipments grew stronger than the same period last year, the market performance is better than expected, the global television industry to achieve a smooth start, but compared to Japan and South Korea brand, China Color TV manufacturers performance is slightly less.

The report shows that the LCD TV market is particularly strong, shipments reached 47.36 million units, up 4% over the first quarter of last year, plasma TV continues to decline, the global shipments of only 200 million units, down 16%. Despite the plasma TV drag, but the first quarter of global flat-panel TV shipments still increased by 3.3%, a total of 4936 million units shipped. IHS consumer equipment, chief analyst, said the strong growth in the first quarter for the industry has laid a solid start, LCD TV shipments in 2014 is expected to grow by at least 4 percentage points.

Which the Korean brand is still firmly in the field of global flat-panel TV "leading" position, the data show that in the first quarter, Samsung and LG total shipments 17 million units, the two increase in shipments were higher than 10%, far better than other color TV manufacturers The Analysts believe that this is mainly due to the Korean brand of LCD TV to vigorously promote. Prior to the Samsung and LG announced a quarterly earnings also show that large size, high resolution and other high-end LCD TV products led the two companies in the first quarter results better than market expectations. At present, the two TV giants are around the high-end TV products fierce market competition, especially Samsung and LG this year are pushing the main ultra-high-definition products, both for ultra-high-definition TV products, the price war has been opened.

The report shows that the first quarter of the Japanese brand shipments increased mainly because of its domestic consumption tax since April 1 from 5% to 8%, but if the Japanese market due to the increase in consumption tax and cooling, then the second quarter of this year, Japan Brand in its native flat-panel TV shipments are likely to decline.

In contrast, the performance of China's color TV enterprises is slightly less, the first quarter of the monthly shipments than in the same period in 2013 have decreased, this is because the energy-saving Huimin subsidy policy since the end of May last year after the end of the year, the market Weak demand, the cooler sales of color TV, the domestic market can not restore the previous vitality and growth level. But the World Cup to the color TV industry with a certain degree of confidence. Overseas market demand for the World Cup related products also led to the growth of the first quarter of this year, machine manufacturers, market research firm Ovid Consulting data show that the first quarter of this year, six machine factory exports reached 3.8 million units, year on year An increase of 51%, and is expected throughout the first half of 2014 exports are expected to more than 880 million units, an increase of 38%.

For the domestic market, color TV manufacturers are also actively promoting ultra-high-definition, large-size products, as well as OLED, surface TV and other concepts, hoping to drive the market vitality. Ovid Consulting is expected to be driven by the World Cup effect, ultra-high-definition TV sales penetration will rise as a whole, 5,6 months to achieve the highest value of 17.3% and 16.3%, detonated large-screen ultra-high color TV market.

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