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Appliance industry: the US executives holdings or drive the industry rebound

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Hongyuan industry class template report summary:

Industry point of view: the recent US group of executives holdings of the company's stock, to some extent, investors in the industry to reduce the pessimistic expectations of the company's concerns. In the long term, the appliance industry is suppressed by real estate, take the initiative to stand up to rely on smart home appliances. Industry is good or Apple to take the lead or accelerate the development of smart appliances. Negative factors in the industry are the impact of real estate on demand, and more is the impact of confidence. Excellent companies will still have better performance growth.

Investment advice: US executives holdings of the side shows the company's performance growth is sustainable, fear of real estate pressure. As we have repeatedly stressed in previous weeks, the industry valuation close to the bottom, the lack of confidence in the market, the US executives holdings to investors confidence, we believe that the industry rebound is expected to continue short-term. The leader is still the final performance of the speech, but smart home appliances is still expected to greatly enhance the valuation of the core competitiveness of enterprises; small business breakthroughs in their own growth or successful transformation can greatly enhance the stock price. Therefore, the industry risk is not recommended to optimize the individual stocks. Attractive investment varieties Oriental electric / Hisense Kelon / Vantage shares, both the value and smart home appliances theme of Qingdao Haier, the value of investment products Gree Electric / US group, the other focus on Hefei Sanyo / Sunrise Oriental / Meiling appliances.

Last week, plate market review: last week CITIC appliance index rose: 3.10%, outperformed the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index 1.35 percentage points. Which led the sub-plate: other home appliances (6.11%). (0.11%), Vantage shares (-0.79%), Oriental Electric (8.05%); plate led and led the stocks: and crystal technology (19.57%), nine Yang shares (13.58%), Little Swan A (12.7%), Snow Wright (-1.76%), Tianyung Electromechanical (-1.78%), St. Leda (-2.38%).

Plate valuation tracking: last week Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, GEM, CITIC home appliances PE were: 8.1,55.19 and 12.93. Appliance plate PE relative to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300PE: 1.6 times the valuation premium at a low level, for nearly a year low. From the sub-molecular plate to see: white PE minimum of 10.83, lighting PE up to 49.89.

Industry chain boom tracking:

Raw materials: cold rolled sheet prices continue to fall sharply, copper, aluminum prices continued to continue low volatility, plastic prices rose flat, the price is more stable.

Real estate board: According to the tracking of commercial housing turnover data, real estate turnover continues to slump state, there is no obvious signs of warming.

Important announcement and matter: TCL Group announced in May 2014 the main product sales data and the termination of the announcement of the announcement; Little Swan A issued a group of the United States offer notice of the offer; and crystal technology issued a major contract announcement; the United States Group, some executives increased Holding 1.5 million shares;

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